Friday, November 9, 2007

Crisis Prevention (or Intervention) and the Internet

This week, Marina Calabrese posted about the role the Internet can play in crisis, disaster response and preparedness. You can read her post here:

While Marina focuses on many events here in the US, I started thinking about what sort of impact it might have on the situation in Darfur if all these people who are being victimised could blog about it...or what if they posted videos? How would the world react if they didn't just hear celebrities trying to raise money for the cause - or occasionally see graphic pictures or posters?
I have to say, after seeing the horrific graphic videos of beheadings in Iraq and Afghanistan on the Internet, I have an entirely different reaction when I read that word [beheaded] than I ever did in the past.

Marina focuses on informing people on how to protect themselves - which is a great point. But it also really makes me wonder if people would be able to turn a blind eye if they were able to watch what's happening in Africa, and not just read about it. Not that it would be an uplifting video - or even something you would WANT to see, but it would cause people to realise the things happening on the other side of the world really are REALITY and that the victims are real people as well.

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